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More than 130 people work for approximately 20 companies at the CDBQ – QAIC site.

If you would like to locate your company, in whole or in part, on our site, we would be pleased to welcome you. We will spare no effort to create the conditions conducive to your success.

ACIA - CFIA - agence canadienne d'inspection des aliments - Canadian Food Inspection Agency -

The safety of Canada’s food supply is the central mission of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). That’s why the CFIA works from the farm gate to the consumer’s plate to protect public health. It safeguards not just the food supply, but also the plants and animals upon which safe and high-quality food depends.

agro-enviro-lab -

Agro-Enviro-Lab is a private laboratory that conducts agricultural soil, plant tissue, and organic fertilizer (dry and liquid manure and compost) tests as well as microbiological and physicochemical analyses on drinking water and waste water.


Biopterre – Centre de développement des bioproduits seeks to boost competitiveness and innovation in the bioproducts industry and to promote diversification in rural areas.

CEPOQ - Centre d'expertise en production ovine du Québec -

The mission of CEPOQ is to promote the development of the sheep industry through research, genetic improvement, outreach, and herd screening in order to boost farm profitability. The organization’s general objectives, stemming from its business perspective, have been redefined to have a significant impact on economic and social issues in Quebec’s sheep industry.

Centre de L'Emeu de charlevoix -

A unique must-see agritourism destination, the Centre de l’Émeu Charlevoix is the biggest emu farm in Canada, with over 400 birds of all ages! The farm markets two product lines: delicious emu meat and body care products made with pure emu oil.


Chef solution makes ready-to-eat gourmet dishes.


Chic mon cochon specializes in creating artisanal sausages with innovative regional flavours.

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Co-éco seeks to enhance quality of life, preserve the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of local communities. It provides environmental education, training, and activities to foster the values, knowledge, skills, and sense of commitment people need to take action, individually or collectively, to improve quality of life and protect the environment at the community level.

Fou du cochon -

The Kamouraska company, Fou du cochon et Scie, was founded in 2005. It makes top-end charcuterie meats using traditional European fermentation processes and specializes in lactofermented dry sausages made with lovingly nurtured indigenous microbial flora. Committed to excellence, the company received two awards at the Saucicréor competition in France in 2011.


Le Labo conducts integrated, collaborative research projects leading to innovative fermented products.

Les Laboratoires du Saint-Laurent E.H. Ltée -

Les Laboratoires du Saint-Laurent E.H. manufactures plant extracts, dietary supplements, cosmetics, herbal medicines, and homeopathic products.

logo_tresors copy

Les trésors du fleuve was founded by three young eel fishers in Rivière-Ouelle. They process and transform their catch on the CDBQ – QAIC’s premises.

Novidev santé active - www.antiplus.xom

Anti +, a division of Fruit D’Or,  develops, produces, and markets a drinkable form of super fruits. These “drinkable fruits” are made using an innovative process that preserves the fruits’ bioactivity. They currently come in five flavours: blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry, watermelon, and cherry.


PAT BBQ is a food processing company that manufactures smoked pork ribs, pulled pork, BBQ seasonings and sauces. Along with their products, they also offer catering for family and corporate events.

PTB - Premier-Tech Biotechnologies -

Premier Tech is an integrated holding company comprising three groups: horticulture and agriculture, industrial equipment, and environmental technologies. Their mission is to become technological and business leaders in their respective fields.


Ruralys is a nonprofit social economy enterprise that offers rural communities in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Côte-du-Sud, and Quebec regions a single-window source for expertise on rural heritage, including consulting services, production of educational and promotional tools, awareness activities, research, and innovation.


YULIFE is a dynamic young company that markets healthy energy drinks.