Main Administrative Office

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Biofood Incubator

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1660 rue de la Ferme
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, Qc
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Hog Production Complex


121 rte Ste-Anne
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Sheep Research Complex


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Over the years, the CDBQ – QAIC has supplemented its expertise by forging long-term partnerships with experts throughout the biofood industry.

At the CDBQ – QAIC, we believe that the synergy arising from this cooperation benefits everyone. Despite our already extensive network, we are always open to establishing new, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Ag-Bio Centre -

The CDBQ – QAIC and the business incubator AG-Bio Centre have developed a partnership that leverages their respective expertise. The AG-Bio Centre brings its business management expertise to the table, while we contribute material resources and R&D expertise.


Biopterre, a bioproduct development centre, has maintained close business and cooperative ties with us since day one. Biopterre makes use of CDBQ – QAIC facilities, particularly offices and laboratories.

La Coop fédérée -

We partnered with the agricultural supply coop La Coop Fédérée on a project to develop a forest biomass heating system for the centre. The partnership involved technology acquisition, financing, and biomass supply. The system is the first that La Coop Fédérée has installed in Quebec and serves as a showcase for this technology. The heating system supplies energy to our main buildings. The energy generated by this system costs only about 60% of that generated by fossil fuels.

CRBM - centre de recherche en biotechnologies marines -

We share resources and collaborate with the marine biology research centre (CRBM) on a variety of biofood projects. State-of-the-art analytical instruments and special processing equipment at the CRBM complement the broad range of facilities at the CDBQ – QAIC.

INAF - insitut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels -

We regularly work with the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) at Laval University on research projects in food processing and on coproduct valorization.


The CDBQ – QAIC is the main research and development centre for IPL, a leading North American manufacturer of injection-molded plastic products for the consumer packaged goods,  bulk food packaging, environment, and material handling sectors.

ITA - Institut de Technologie agroalimentaire -

We have always maintained close ties with Quebec’s agrifood technical training centre, Institut de technologie agroalimentaire (ITA), with which we have a number of administrative and operational agreements on food processing, hog production, and plot rentals for teaching purposes.


We have developed a partnership with Natur+l XTD to  advance and promote our mutual expertise in high-pressure processing.


In cooperation with other agrobiotechnology research centres and innovation companies, we have created an open agrobiotechnology innovation platform. The purpose of the new platform is to pool expertise and provide state-of-the-art facilities to CDBQ – QAIC partners.

Université Laval -

The CDBQ – QAIC awards internship scholarships to Laval University students every year.